Welcome Rexer Pharma

Pharmaceutical formulation remains as much an art today as they have evolved into complex science. With exponential growth of generic formulations, the need for ready pharmaceutical formulation has increased. We, are known as one of the largest manufacturer, exporters and suppliers of small volume parenteral pharmaceutical formulation, steroid formulations, hormonal injectables, gripe water and many other products. At, Rexer Pharma, we proudly meet or exceed our customers quality standards. Our main focus is on product quality and product development. We are a renowned pharmaceutical company, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of pharmaceutical formulation, steroid formulations, hormonal injectables etc. in all dosage forms i.e. Solid, Liquid and Parenteral forms. The quest for excellence would never cease and we look forward to strongly support the global challenge of achieving.

Since our inception, Rexer's three core product areas are generics, branded and specialty pharmaceutical formulations. The company ranks among the top generics suppliers in India.

Our Mission
"Providing world class specialty healthcare at an affordable cost."

Our Products
Health care has always remained a challenge at Rexer Pharma and we are always concerned with the upcoming technological advancement which demands premium quality products. So , we present a wide range of quality products that includes:

Pharmaceutical Formulation 
Injectable Formulation 
Hormonal Injectables 
Steroid Formulations 
Anti-Malarial Formulations 
Cephalosporin Formulations 
Clue Tablets 
Clue-Plus Tablets 
Cyclomol Tablets 
Ciprofloracin Tablets 
Pharmaceutical Turnkey project Execution